August 2017

Feast Day of Saint Dominic

We celebrate once again the feast day of the Dominican Order this week. Over 800 years ago, Dominic de Guzman discovered his true calling, his spiritual vocation… Creating the Order of Preachers. After meeting a heretic, Dominic persuaded the man to return to the Roman Catholic Church by preaching the Good News to him. And like Jesus, DominicĀ ordered his band of brothers to go out 2 by 2 to meet the people where they are, to pray and preach, and bring God to them.

800 years later, and we are still being called to meet people where they are. In 2014, we were guided by the Holy Spirit to step outside our comfort zone and to bring the Dominican Charism to other, new communities. We now worship with Norbertines, Jesuts, Franciscans, and Archdiocesan priests. Our Spirit is alive and well. We are found and engaged in parishes from Socorro to Santa Fe and everywhere in between! We are involved in liturgical
ministries, social action, faith sharing groups, and adult faith formation. We are well received by these communities and our current Archbishop John Wester. We continue to have an active Lay Dominican community.

Thanks to the seed sown by Fr. Mike Demkovich, OP, D+E+I is entering into its 3rd
decade. Come join us at our monthly lectures, fellowship at our Fall Potluck, network at our CBF luncheons, celebrate lay ministers at our annual galas. Be a part of the Dominican Spirit here in the Archdiocese of Santa Fe!

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